It would be foolish to lay the foundations of this blog without a core set of goals, after all without goals there would be no destination.

Whether or not the goals I set here are feasible is another question, i’m young and my pension pot release date is more years away than the amount of years I’ve been alive on this planet of ours for – now that is a scary thought.

Over time i’ll post updates on my progress towards these goals as I feel being accountable and sharing results, good or bad is a productive thing for me to do to ensure I’m actively working towards said goals.

I started to be more money conscious during early Summer this year, its been a slight grind getting all of the gears going however over the past couple of months, the small money behaviors changes I’ve made such as opening a few regular savers and an S&S ISA account, have begun compounding so I’ve started to feel that financially, I’ve lifted off.

The Goals

> Max out S&S ISA yearly contribution limit (20k)
> Max out H2B yearly contribution limit
> Comfortably say I’m FI by 38
> Be able to retire by 50
> Post update every month
> 6 months AVG Saving Rate of 38% of net pay
> Invest at least £3000 in to S&S ISA
> Finish building a 2 month emergency fund by June
> Feed regular saver accounts maximum contribution 75% of year
2019 (I set myself earlier this year)
> 6 months AVG Saving Rate of 35% of net pay
> Not live pay check to pay check by end of year
> Savings/Investments 10K

Data collection hasn’t been full steam ahead yet so looking back at the last half year isn’t great and therefore hard to analyse whether or not I’ve hit the 6 month AVG saving rate of 35%, however I’m happy to say that for the past 2 months its reached 68% of my net salary. Super happy with that and it also helps tick off not living pay check to pay check as towards the start of the year this was most definitely not the case! As for having 10k in the accounts or not, that’ll come in another post…

The goals that have been set here will be dynamic and if I feel the goal posts are too close then I will put them further away vice-versa – I believe realistic and manageable goals, even if they are small stepping stones, will be critical at maintaining an upwards trend in progress.

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3 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. Hey! Good to see you join the FIRE scene with a blog / monthly update with your FIRE plans! It’s great to watch your investments grow as each month goes by and writing a blog has kept my mind focused over the last year.

    Sounds like you’ve started this at the perfect age! – I started in my late 20’s (28) and wish I had started earlier to watch those great compound interest gains take affect.

    I’ve bookmarked your website and look forward to seeing your updates!



    1. Welcome Jase,

      I believe that is the main element for me, being accountable is such a key aspect of ensuring goals do not get swept under the carpet – monthly posts will most definitely help with accountability.

      Hopefully I’ve started in good time, I’m just gutted I was never taught anything about finances during education, could of made the most out of them regular savers when they were +5% interest!

      Thanks for the bookmark, during some downtime I’ve got on Friday i’ll be sure to head over to your site and have a little scroll 🙂

      Have a good evening, and once again thanks for popping by!

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