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the all important disclaimer

It is at this point, crucial for me to begin this introductory post by confirming that I am by no means a financial adviser, nor do I strive to be one. If I allude to any recommendations or advice during any posts I publish here…please for heavens sake take it with a pinch of salt.

about me

I’m a guy who is in his early 20s, have been eyeing up the FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) scene for the past couple of years, though have only just begun to make progress towards primarily the FI part by making subtle lifestyle changes within the last couple of months.

I’m extremely grateful that I’ve have shifted my focus to a more stable, prosperous future financially quite early on. I’ve seen buckets of commentators aged 35+, who with a tear of regret, wish they started their FIRE journey years in advance – I aim to take full advantage of this while at the same time enjoying my 20s, while simultaneously attempting not to go full OCD on my spending by for instance refraining myself from buying that Tesco meal deal that my empty stomach craves when I forgot to make lunch that day.

why the financial anvil?

FIRE is a lifelong grind, that is no lie. I have only been watching from the side line as of recent however I can see the effect on people when they go too deep and all their life is about is FIRE, or most crucially people seem to fixate on the RE part, and by doing so miss out on meaningful experiences.

The reason for going with the financial anvil, is because I feel it captures the struggles and that grind I referred to, as one crafts and forges their financial affairs into a sustainable journey, smashing out bad habits along the way.

“Your net worth to the
world is usually determined by what
remains after your bad habits are
subtracted from your good ones”

― Benjamin Franklin

The primary reason for this blog existing is at the core a selfish reason, to allow me to track my successes and failures as I encounter new challenges. Equally it provides me with a platform to document those financial struggles and triumphs for others to see and to potentially grow from.

Thank you for joining.

4 thoughts on “about the financial anvil”

  1. Welcome to the world of FI blogging. I am one of those people who discovered FIRE later in life and am very envious of all those twenty-somethings who will have the change to retire in their thirties or forties. Good luck on your journey. I look forward to hearing how you’re getting along.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks for popping by and taking your time to leave a comment… That is the goal, it will be interesting to see how I sustain progress as the years go on. I’m in the process of crafting my first proper post, its a slight challenge piecing it all together but starting this blog was by far the hardest step, so hopefully it’ll be downhill from here!

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