December Finances

It goes without saying that December typically is one of the more expensive months of the year especially due to Christmas. There has been no exception to that this year, and oh boy has it been a costly month for me with a multitude of predictable yet unforeseeable events occurring that has really signaled to me the importance of having an emergency fund, raring to be used at a moments notice.

In hindsight I say predictable, yet you don’t know what you don’t know so a few abnormal expenses were made this month including two new tyres, headphones (required for work) and a cambelt replacement. I’ve learnt my lesson and will budget for such expensive going forward. Fortunately, this time round what I had already built in my emergency fund acted as a soft safety net that really helped adsorb the blow.



It would be foolish to lay the foundations of this blog without a core set of goals, after all without goals there would be no destination.

I started to be more money conscious during early Summer this year, its been a slight grind getting all of the gears going however over the past couple of months, the small money behaviors changes I've made such as opening a few regular savers and an S&S ISA account, have begun compounding so I've started to feel that financially, I've lifted off....

about the financial anvil


the all important disclaimer

It is at this point, crucial for me to begin this introductory post by confirming that I am by no means a financial adviser, nor do I strive to be one. If I allude to any recommendations or advice during any posts I publish here…please for heavens sake take it with a pinch of salt.

about me

I’m a guy who is in his early 20s, have been eyeing up the FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) scene for the past couple of years, though have only just begun to make progress towards primarily the FI part by making subtle lifestyle changes within the last couple of months.